TweeCool :: {{ simple, fast and reliable }}
TweeCool :: {{ simple, fast and reliable }}

About TweeCool CMS

It's been written to manage your tweets, you decide who should or should not use your API, so unauthorised requests won't work.

Make it work in one step:

  1. Upload TweeCool CMS into your webspace

Test it now

username: [email protected]

password: demo123

Once you've added a twitter account, you can now make calls as normal via the api or the Jquery plugin with

<script src=""></script>

The demo is limited to 3 new requests only.

TweeCool CMS Requires

  1. PHP 5.3.9 or later
  2. Database (MySQL)
See the installation

About this project

TweeCool provides a Jquery Plugin and an API, the system is easy to use, no programming skills needed. We use a smart cache system to speed up your requests. Zero downtime guarantee, we are constantly working to improve this project.

Please contact us if you've got any suggestions.

How to use the plugin?

Step 1

Copy and paste the following script between <head> and </head>

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="[YOUR_API_URL]"></script>
$(document).ready(function() {
       username : 'tweecool', 
       limit : 5	
prestigelogic it support
Step 2

Copy and paste the following script between <body> and </body>

<div id="tweecool"></div>

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  • username - Your username
  • limit - Number of tweets to show (Default value: 5)
  • profile_image - Show profile image (Default value: true)
  • show_time - Show tweet time (Default value: true)
  • show_media - Show media (Default value: false)
  • show_media_size - Set media size (Default value: thumb)
  • show_actions - Show action box such as 'reply', 'retweet' and 'favorite' (Default value: false)
  • action_reply_icon - Reply icon, add your HTML tags or ASCII code (Default value: &crarr; [↵] )
  • action_retweet_icon - Retweet icon, add your HTML tags or ASCII code (Default value: &prop; [∝] )
  • action_favorite_icon - Favorite icon, add your HTML tags or ASCII code(Default value: &#9733; [❤] )
  • profile_img_url - If set to ''tweet'' the profile image will have tweet URL, otherwise it will be the user's profile URL (Default value: profile)
  • show_retweeted_text - if set to true, this will show the original retweeted text and avoid any truncated text (Default value: false)
  • exclude_replies - if set to true, this will not show the replies (Default value: false)

Known Issues

IE 8 & 9 compatibilities

Add the following script, just after the Jquery library (jquery.min.js):

<!--[if lte IE 9]>
<script src="//"></script>      

IE 8 & 9 - Protocols (HTTP vs HTTPS)

Please make sure that you are using the same protocols. Therefore, if your website is in HTTP make sure the request link in the tweecool JS file is in HTTP as well.


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